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My Direct Email:

Originals and Prints are available for purchase

Please email me regarding special order print sizes. 

*4×6      5×7   8×10    11×14    and much larger

*Canvas prints       Poster sizes, and more

Contact me about Commissions and personalized artwork

One of my joys is creating specially personalized artwork that creates memories for families. If you allow me to use my creative liberty and personal touch, I can create a unique memory that will last generations.

Pet portraits, Family Portraits:

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You can easily email me the photos for your project.

Photos must be clear and be the representation of what will appear on the portrait.

Direct Email:

Requesting more info

To receive a price guide, please feel free to email me and request such information.

If you have a project, an idea or assignment that you would like to materialize, I can personally work step by step with you to sketch, design, and create the art that you need.

Fine Art Inspirations

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